CollaborateMD bulletins provide information and news about our Product and Service to keep you update and informed.

03.10.14 Bulletin-0001: Enhanced CollaborateMD Application Installer
    Improve the overall performance and efficiency of CollaborateMD running in its native Windows based environment.

03.10.14 Bulletin-0002: Cancellation of Intuit Payment Network Services 
    All future payments and invoices should now be performed using our new Customer Bill Pay feature.

03.26.14 Bulletin-0003New CMS 1500 Form Version 02/12 
    Version 9.1 fully support the revised CMS 1500 Form Version 02/12.  On and after April 1, 2014, Medicare will no longer accept claims on the old CMS 1500 Form Version 08/05.

04.11.14 Bulletin-0004The Heartbleed Bug 
    - The Heartbleed Bug is a serious security vulnerability; we've put proactive measures in place to ensure a safe + secure operating environment for all users.

04.29.14 Bulletin-0005: Security Vulnerability in Internet Explorer
    - Microsoft has warned consumers that a vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser could let hackers gain access and user rights to their computer.

07.17.14 Bulletin-0006What is Protected Health Information (PHI)?   
   - Information that is protected under HIPAA.

07.17.14 Bulletin-0007: How To Attach a File Using the Self Service Portal
    - Our Self Service Portal offers a solution for uploading attachments in a secure environment.

07.17.14 Bulletin-0008: How To Encrypt a File to send to CollaborateMD
    - All PHI data is required to be encrypted when transferred to CollaborateMD to be in compliance with HIPAA.

07.17.14 Bulletin-0009How Do I Extract Encrypted PHI Data Received from CollaborateMD?
    - CollaborateMD transfers PHI data encrypted 
to be in compliance with HIPAA.