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Bulletin 0001: New MS-Windows Application Installer

This bulletin applies to all users running CollaborateMD within a MS-Windows based environment.  This bulletin does not apply to users running CollaborateMD within an Apple Macintosh environment.

CollaborateMD recently enhanced our Application Installer (AI) for our users running in a Windows based environment.  The enhancements may improve the overall performance and efficiency of CollaborateMD by properly tuning the default memory setting at application start up.  In addition, our new AI will correctly support user folders where the user name contains a blank space or has special characters within their user name.   To determine if you should re-install the CollaborateMD application take advantage of these enhancements, please follow the instructions denoted below.

Should I re-install my CollaborateMD application to take advantage of the improvements made to the new AI?
  • Please reference the step by step instructions listed below to determine if you should re-install your current version of CollaborateMD.

1.  Run the CollaborateMD application.
2.  Click "Advanced Options".
3.  In the "Advanced Options Dialogue" window, navigate to the "General Options" tab.
4.  Navigate to the "Local Cache" pane and click "Browse Local Files" to display an explorer window.
5.  To determine if you should re-install CollaborateMD, click in the "Address Bar" (Reference figure below).

6.  Next, review the absolute path denoted within the "Address Bar" that pertains to the installation of your CollaborateMD application.
7.  If the user name contained within the absolute path has a blank space and/or special characters (See figures above and below)it is recommended you re-install the CollaborateMD application using our Installation Guide.

8.  If your user name does not contain a blank space or special characters (See figure below), you do not need to re-install the CollaborateMD application and there are no further actions to be taken regarding this bulletin.