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Bulletin-0007: How to Attach a File Using the Self Service Portal

CollaborateMD acknowledges our duty and responsibility to protect the privacy and security of Individually Identifiable Health Information (“IIHI”) generally, and Protected Health Information (“PHI”) as defined in the HIPAA Regulations, under the regulations implementing HIPAA, other federal and state laws protecting the confidentiality of personal information, and under principles of general and professional ethics. We also acknowledge our duty and responsibility to support and facilitate the timely and unimpeded flow of health information for lawful and appropriate purposes.

Our Self-Service Portal is a secure website that allows you to submit and mange your cases online. You can browse your open cases and upload files in a secure environment.

There are 3 easy ways to access the Self-Service Portal:

  1. crm.collaboratemd.com - You can visit this link and directly access the Self-Service Portal.
  2. CollaborateMD application - When logged into CollaborateMD, hover your mouse over the Shortcut icon and then select “Self-Service Portal“ to be taken to the Self-Service Portal website.
  3. training.collaboratemd.com - This link will take you to our Training Website where you can click on the Self-Service Portal icon on the Home page.

You will need a username and password to log into the Self-Service Portal.

If you have not received a username and password, please call, email or message the Customer Success Team and request to be enabled for the Self-Service Portal. Once you’re enabled, you will receive a username and password. You can use the login details to access the portal website referenced above.

If you do not have your password available, click “Forgot your password?”, then enter your user name and click Submit.  You will receive an email with a temporary password.  When you log in to the Self-Service Portal, you will be asked to reset your password.

In the Self-Service Portal, the inquiries that you submit to the Customer Success Team are called "cases." To view your open and resolved cases:

  1. Click the View Cases tab.  The open cases that you have submitted are displayed.
  2. Select the open case you would like to attach a file to and click “Add Attachment” located in the bottom right on your screen.
           3. The following window appears allowing you to select the file:


4.  A case attachment notification email will be received by the Customer Success Specialist case owner notifying them the file attachment is available.