CollaborateMD (CMD) Cares about you, your business, your customers and the communities supported by your business.   We are determined to foster a lasting relationship with each and every customer to assure we have true advocates in the healthcare industry and for our future.  CMD CARES will allow us to move beyond looking how to improve the things we already do.  This site will be the portal to support open communications with our customers on a daily basis, administer the appropriate actions and contribute a positive experience to our valued CMD customer. We do understand our responsibility to execute on what is expected of us and take accountability for creating enduring relationships with each and every CMD Family Member.   CMD CARES will help us achieve our vision of becoming the most widely used and best valued practice management and billing software in the healthcare industry.  We hope you embrace and take full advantage of what this site has to offer to you as a valued CMD customer!  CMD CARES can be accessed from your PC, Mac or mobile device as long as you have internet connectivity.
- Douglas Kegler, Founder & CEO -

We've upgraded our CollaborateMD v9.6 Release to help you better manage and request products, features, and services in one location! 

  • Please upgrade to v9.6 to use these services
  • Did you know you can now submit your Feedback directly within the CMD Application.
  • You can now manage and request Services directly from within CollaborateMD.  
  • The prior CMD Cares online forms have now been retired since the products, features, and services can now be performed directly within CollaborateMD. 
  • In order to process requests within the CollaborateMD 
    tab, you must be a designate Authorized Representative (Auth Rep) within your Customer Account. 
  • To learn more about these features and services, please visit our Training Site or select the applicable "?" below.

Agreements Please upgrade to v9.6 to use these services )
  • Request executed Business Associate Agreement ( ? )
  • Request Customer Software Agreement ( ? )

  • Please submit your Feedback using the CMD Application ( ? )

  • Update my Account Info ( ? )
  • Upgrade to New Pricing Plan ( ? )
  • Update my Account Name ( ? )
  • Update my Account Ownership ( ? )
  • Change User Type   ( ? )
  • Credit Request ( ? )
  • Payment Extension ( ? )
  • Reactivate my Main Account ( ? )
    • Copy ( ? )
    • Move ( ? )